What Are Good Commercial Ice Makers For Restaurants?

From the moment you open up your restaurant, coffee shop or bar, you can be certain that you will be using your ice maker almost every other minute. In fact, at times the demand for ice in a restaurant becomes too much that you will begin to think of buying a second ice maker, or better yet look for a place to store the already made ice. On that note, let’s look at a detailed review of some of the best ice makers for restaurants, as well as the main features to look for in a great commercial ice machine.

Before you even start looking for a commercial ice maker to buy, ask yourself, what is it that you offer? If you often sell cola, beer and cocktails, the best ice maker for you might be one that produces large sized cubes. As for soft drinks and water, a good ice maker should be able to deliver smaller sized ice cubes but in huger amounts. In addition, there are other commercial ice makers that vary in the amount of ice they produce per day, or in the shape of their ice cubes. All the same, each type of ice maker has its own pros and cons. We shall look at the different ice types later. Continue reading to learn more about selecting a good commercial ice machine.

Major Types of Commercial Ice Makers

ice maker for a restaurant

Countertop Ice makers

They resemble a typical water dispenser, and have the capability to produce about 400 lbs. of ice per day. Sounds good? Well, they also cost less.  In addition, these machines produce ice the nugget style, which is both money saving and appealing to many customers. They are a great consideration if you are on a low budget or if you already have a bigger machine.

Under counter Ice maker

With the ability to produce about 350 lbs. of ice per day, this could be the best ice maker for startups or medium sized restaurants. If you buy two of these machines however, you get the chance to make as much ice as your customers can take and store the extra ice produced by the machines. Under counter ice machines vary in sizes, but they also have the advantage of taking less space compared to their competitors.

Ice Machine Heads

For big restaurant owners, there is probably no better type of ice machine to buy than the ice machine heads. To start with, they are small and compact; thus won’t take up much of your space in the kitchen. Second, these machines could make as much as 1000 lbs. of ice per day. Still, the ice head machines are designed in a way that you can place them on top of an ice machine binary a soda dispense.

Ice Types

You probably have different ice needs depending on what you offer in your kitchen, and that’s why we can’t say yet what the best ice maker would be for you. However, here is how ice machines deliver their ice.

Nugget Ice

  • People love nugget shaped ice because they are softer and easier to chew
  • Great for restaurants that sell smoothies, cold soft drinks and blended beverages

Flake Ice

  • Great when you sell seafood, fish, meat or salad because they make very small , soft flakes of ice
  • They are soft to chew because of their small size and different shapes

Cube Ice

  • They melt slower, and thus could be money saving on your side
  • Can make full ice cubes or half sized (smaller) ice cubes.

Once you realize that the shape of ice delivered should matter to you, you should probably also consider the technology used in making ice by your machines. Most ice makers fall under the remote cooled category, air cooling technology or water cooling category.

  • Air Cooled Machines-Very cost effective, use less popular and perhaps the most common type of commercial ice makers you can get. They are also very popular with customers.

Water Cooled Machines

For restaurants that experience hot room temperatures, or in restaurants that generally don’t have good air circulation, a water cooled ice maker could be the best option. However, if there is good air circulation in the restaurant, the air cooled ice machines are probably still the best choice for commercial purposes.

Remote Cooled Machines

They are remote cooled because their condensers are installed somewhere different from the kitchen, and uses refrigerator lines to cool the water in their machines. They are great space savers, but very expensive and difficult to maintain.

Finally, note to buy an ice machine with the idea that your Spanish, Thai or other restaurant will grow in size and production as time moves on. On the other hand, think about the amount of ice consumed in your restaurant during the peak days, and probably make a plan to buy an extra machine.



We Make the Best Coffee Using the Highest Quality Coffee Machine

It sounds ridiculous when someone says they make perfect coffee. After all, isn’t all coffee just the same? Well, after reading this article to the end, you will learn that there is more than one way to prepare your coffee; and based on the machine you use, you could perhaps learn to perfect the art of making great quality taste. But before then, let’s give you a guide to buying the best coffee maker as well as guide you on how we prepare the best high quality coffee.

Before you can get to a level where everyone wants to taste your cup of coffee, you will need lots of patience. You will have a sense of attention to detail, and better yet, you will have to be an expert at picking just about the best coffee machine depending on what coffee variant you wishes to make at the moment. All in all, here are the fact you should know about coffee makers, what they are best at and how we make our great tasting coffee.

Espresso Machines

commercial coffee machine for a bar

You can identify a great cup of espresso by its crema, which is neither too thick nor too thin. If you buy a great machine, your crema should appear smooth, reddish brown in color and a top that looks somewhat oily. The best machines for espresso fall under three categories: beans-to-cup, manual and capsule coffee machines. Continue reading as we guide you on what has been our most successful and preferred type of machine.

Capsule Machines

Like the name suggests, a capsule coffee machine uses pre-packed coffee capsules to brew a perfect cup of espresso. Capsule machines rarely mess around, and based on our experience with them; they are perhaps the best for families. They are also neat and require little maintenance in their often long lasting service life. Among the many types of capsule coffee makers in the market today, we would recommend the Nespresso models. Nespresso have the widest range of espresso machines, they are made with high quality materials, great designs and generally are very simple to use. On the downside however, buying capsule is expensive on the long run. In addition, the quality of the coffee you get isn’t always guaranteed. For instance, should your favorite capsule making company lower the quality of their beans, your coffee’s quality will also decrease in value.

Manual Espresso Machines

You probably already have a manual coffee maker in your home. They are great and simple to use as you probably know, but then they ask for too much attention at times. For instance, you have to hand pick the type of coffee you want; you will need a coffee grinder or a blade grinder. All the same, we have made a lot of great quality coffee with these machines, because after all it is the techniques and quality of the coffee that matters most

Bean to Cup to Machines

With the beans-to-cup coffee makers, there is no doubt you can make the perfect cup of coffee for your guests. They also don’t cause any mess in the kitchen like manual machines do, plus they are also very easy to control. They often come with a hopper to hold your beans intact, and make coffee on demand. But as always, remember that your techniques are the biggest determiners of how good your coffee will be. Always make good use of the intensity control function, the grind control feature and the bar pressure if you wish to make the best coffee.

Our Coffee Machine Pick

Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Machine

No matter how much you hate coffee, you will always savor the sublime taste of any espresso or coffee made by this machine. It is a drip machine, but perhaps the best drip machine in the market so far. Its coffee is often so delicious, so hot and so strong that any guests who visit us have always asked for the secret to make good coffee. It is a well certified machine by the SCAA, and has very fast heating rate. In just about six minutes, we noted that you could make about six cups of coffee; all in great tastes. It’s also easy to clean. Some of the parts can also easily be washed just under a faucet.

So, how do we do it? How do we make coffee so good that our guests always want to come back?

  • We use fresh coffee beans-We’ve always noted that coffee with roast dates instead of “best by” labels stay fresher longer. However, we still order fresh coffee beans when we want to make the best coffee.
  • We measure our coffee beans-Per every single mug, we use exactly 25 grams of high quality fresh coffee beans, which are well ground.
  • We make the coffee at about 2000F,
  • Always re-saturate and fine tune the grounds until your find the most sublime taste of coffee.


Keeping Our Restaurant Spot Clean With a Pressure Washer

Every restaurant owner thinks they have the cleanest restaurant in town, until the day they visit their rival’s restaurant and feel like they just stepped into a five star high end hotel. That is to say therefore that there is always something you can do stay on top of the cleanliness in your restaurant, especially if you own a great pressure washer. And if your restaurant is a bit big in size, you might want to train your employees to keep everything in the restaurant spot clean, or you could wake up one day and see your restaurant’s dirty pictures all over the Internet.

Pressure Washing the Exteriors and Kitchens

commercial pressure washer

Customers are always attracted by a clean restaurant, and as such both the interiors and exteriors have to be kept spotless. There are plenty of areas to be cleaned in a restaurant’s exteriors; from the parking lot to windows, doors to signboards. In fact, be very thorough with cleaning the restaurant’s signage. It is a much ignored area, even though you can easily clean it with the help of a telescoping wand. On the other hand, work on your restaurant’s kitchens and filters, as well as on kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, vacuum sealers or other. Plenty of areas in your kitchen probably get into contact with grease, especially the stoves and faucets, which could be a recipe for fire outbreaks if not handled accordingly. Note also to check your ducts and hoods, and pressure wash them to the metal. Not only do they make your kitchen more habitable place, they also ensure your worker’s safety is guaranteed.

The Floors

Most restaurants are good at keeping their floors clean. Unfortunately most of them use mops and steam cleaners, both of which are not very efficient at cleaning tough stains. Due to this, pressure washing is the most recommended method of cleaning if you wish for a spot clean appearance. Pressure washing is especially an effective cleaning tool since it can be controlled easier. It is strong enough to handle almost any type of grime or food stains on your kitchen’s floors. On the other hand, the dumpsters are another area of concern you should always take care of. Dumpsters get dirty almost every other time, and this could make the area around them smelly, and potentially bring diseases to your staff or to your colleagues. Dirty and smelly areas in your restaurant on the other hand often welcome rats and stray scavengers near your restaurant; all of which things puts off customers. But with a good pressure washer, you could ensure all the floors and dumpsters are kept spotless. If you’re not sure what would be the best pressure washer for your place, check out the Top Pressure Washer site for reviews.

Cleaning the Outdoor Seating Areas

If your restaurant has an outside seating area, never ignore it. Some customers really love dining or eating in an outside seating area, and you never want any customer complain about the seating area’s cleanliness situation. Would you? However, be keen to pre-soak areas with a lot of grease in them before pressure washing.

While maintaining a spot clean restaurant is an important achievement you must uphold at all times, it is not always possible to be there and see that every part of your kitchen is kept clean. Due to this, hiring a professional cleaning company that sues pressure washer cleaning is increasingly becoming a popular idea by restaurant owners. Read below to see what benefits come with hiring a professional restaurant cleaning company, and then make a decision if they are a better decision than pressure washing the restaurant on your own.

  • Professionals Have Higher Pressure Washers

Pressure washers aren’t really similar. Professionals will always afford the best of these devices; which means that even their ability to efficiently clean the cobwebs out are better. Clear grime and grease on the other hand will be more efficient. Combine the high quality equipment with their experience and you will realize that a DIY pressure washing job is no match for a professionally done job.

  • They Have Access To Commercial Grade Cleaning Agents

As a restaurant owner, there are a lot of things about restaurant cleaning that you probably don’t know. For instance, there are chemical cleaning agents that sanitize and clean faster that are only available to the professional cleaning companies. On the other hand, professionals have better tactics of cleaning out certain stubborn areas with technologies such as a heating element. Again, only the professionals know how to use these cleaning agents and high grade pressure washers well.

  • They Dispose Of Grease

When you hire a professional cleaning company to handle your restaurant, not only do they get the job done right, but they also do other services such as grease disposal. And as you probably know, emptying grease or disposing it can be a daunting task if you are new at it.

All in all, keeping your restaurant clean should always be a big priority to any restaurant owner irrespective of whether you can afford the services of independent cleaners or not.


How To Cook Sous Vide With a Vacuum Sealer

Sous-Vide cooking is a special way of cooking that gets you tender, succulent and better tasting meat. When done right, you could be in for perhaps the best tasting meat in your thai dish if you’ve ever tried in your life. Cooking Sous Vide in a vacuum sealer is an especially trendy method these days, and this is because it results in evenly cooked meat, food prepared this way can be stored for longer periods of time and vacuum sealing often puts of off bacteria.

How Does Sous Vide Cooking Work?

cooking sous vide in a vacuum sealer

With Sous Vide cooking, you immerse your well vacuum sealed food in hot water for some time. Usually, people vacuum seal the meat in plastic bags, and then work to manage the hot water’s temperatures so that your food is prepared in the shortest amount of time possible. Note however that the key to great tasting Sous-vide cooked food should be patience. Food sealed in a vacuum manner could take hours before it is thoroughly cooked, or before any pathogens in the plastic bags are all killed. In many cases, sous-vide cooking works best while preparing fish or any other type of meat. Vacuum sealing and lower temperatures will always ensure you get succulent tasting pieces of meat. Though possible to sous-vide vegetables and cereals, they often require high temperatures and often have no varied flavors from vegetables prepared on a kitchen stove.

Why Vacuum Seal?

Vacuum sealing serves two major functions in this food preparation process. First, vacuum sealed food is often free of common pathogens and bacteria, and second, vacuum sealed meat can last for days and months. But most importantly, using a vacuum sealer ensures you keep the meat as airtight as possible; thus also ensuring that moisture in the meat isn’t lost especially to sensitive food types like turkey or fish. Note however that marinating and food seasoning is done prior to the Sous-vide process itself. If you have any spices or marinades you wish to add to the meat therefore, add them before you can vacuum seal. This makes the meat even tender and juicier, since after all there will be no air to interfere with your cooking process.

What’s Next After Vacuum Sealing?

Once you have marinated and vacuum sealed your meat, the next step is to cook it. With the Sous-Vide cooking method at practice, your main role will be to control the water temperatures. Depending on how big your meat pieces are, you will be the judge of what temperatures you should maintain through the cooking process. The type of vacuum sealer or immersion circulator you use could also determine how long you have to keep checking the dish. Some immersion circulators for instance are so good that they regulate the exact water temperatures needed as the cooking process continues. They are also well insulated, and lose very little amounts of heat.

What Makes Sous-Viding In A Vacuum Sealer Better Than Cooking In A Kitchen Stove?


  • Sous-vide cooking give you the power to control specific temperatures and thus prevent dry meat or overdone food.
  • The cooking process always results in thoroughly cooked and evenly cooked meat, especially when done in a professional and precise manner.
  • Food cooked through Sous-viding in a vacuum sealer can be kept in the juicy, tender nature for long periods of time; thus making the process the best for preparing holiday meals, or for preparing foods with lots of side dishes.
  • Vacuum sealed food often has no bacteria or pathogens in them, and thus food cooked this way will stay pasteurized and safe for a longer period of time.
  • Sous-viding is simple and efficient-Once you set the temperatures and the timer; you can prepare a meal after another without getting involved too much in the cooking.


  • Sous-viding is an expensive process. To many people it is actually too expensive to afford.
  • Sous-Vide cooking is not a fast cooking process. It could take anywhere between an hour and ten hours, which means you have to plan way ahead of time before cooking your meat with this process.
  • Meat cooked in this method often does not characterize with the delicious golden brown color. Instead, Sous-vide prepared meat is just succulent and tender, although you can still achieve the golden brown color applying a searing finish after the cooking process
  • There are some rare pathogens that still survive the “safe” method of vacuum sealing. However, if prepared in the right manner and at the exactly the right temperatures, any type of pathogen should be killed.


Sous-vide cooking doesn’t always have to be expensive and long. There are cheap immersion circulators you can take advantage of, because in the end the goal is to achieve meat pasteurization at just the right temperatures.


Buying Guide For the Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet

If you are buying a commercial kitchen faucet for the first time, you may never experience leakage issues or corrosion effects of any kind. The use of top notch technology and a competitive faucet industrial has ensured that the most annoying faucet flaws that used to be a norm a while back have all been eliminated. However, in as much as modern kitchen faucet are strong and efficient, there is still need to do a personal evaluation of what you expect from the device before settling on any single model. Buying a commercial kitchen faucet can actually be tricky if you are not sure about the following considerations. Also, you can check out the best commercial kitchen faucet reviews on Top Faucets Reviewed to find the perfect model for your needs.

Faucet Construction and Finishes

commercial faucet buying guide

Both the commercial and home kitchen faucets are mainly built out of brass these days. Brass is a strong alloy that is highly durable and almost impossible to get affected by rust. On the other hand, current faucets are replacing the ceramic disks that once used to be the weak link for many faucets with rubber washers to ensure leaking is immensely reduced. On the outside however, commercial kitchen faucets come in a range of different finishes you can choose from. Every finish type has its own pros and cons, but your choice will probably depend on your personal preferences and overall kitchen theme. And just to offer you a short highlight, here are a few pros and cons of the most common finish touches in commercial kitchen faucets.

  • Chrome-On the bright side, chrome shine and reflects brightness into your kitchen. It gives the kitchen a clean modern feeling, but on the downside could give you headaches in case it starts to get tarnished.
  • Nickel-A commercial kitchen with a nickel finish will always have a smooth and good looking appearance, even though it doesn’t reflect as much as chrome.
  • Brass-Since brass is a strong and durable material, it is often used as both the foundation and finish of a faucet, only that the faucet can be polished with any good looking color.


High arc faucets always work great in commercial kitchens, because they are able to offer the convenience and versatility needed in the bigger sinks. You may still go for a low arced faucet depending on your preferences however. But still, you will need to put into consideration the number of holes this faucet requires for installation purposes, just to ensure it is compatible with your type of water systems. Other design features like the number of handles used, the presence of a pause button or the general spout shape are also important factors to consider.

Common Faucet Designs to Consider

  • Widespread-The widespread model of faucets was thought to have died a few years ago. However, today there are more widespread commercial kitchen faucets than there are waterfall or wall mount faucets. These faucets are unique in that they offer separate mountings for the hot and cold water valves; a function that could prove helpful for commercial kitchens.
  • Wall mounted Faucet-Though common in the shower rooms, wall-mounted kitchen faucets could still look good in a big kitchen setup. Note to ensure your kitchen’s water supply liens can be compatible with the wall-mounted design of kitchen faucets though.

Still on design, you may want to consider the spout style and shape if you prefer. If you are on a low budget for instance, a straight spout faucet could offer you the services you need but at a lower cost. They are however inconvenient when you need to wash bigger pots. A goose neck on the other hand may work very well with deep sink, because they offer higher clearances.

Sink Type

Your sink type may also limit the choice of a kitchen faucet to buy. If you have a deep sink for instance, you should probably consider buying a faucet that won’t splash a lot of water back. On the other hand, you might want to buy a faucet with a bigger spout height if you own a shallow sink. In addition, your type of sink may guide you on whether to consider buying a pull down of pull out type of sprayer.

Installation and Repair

If you are simply replacing a kitchen faucet, you may have to forego some faucet features so that you can have an easy time installing it. However, for first time buyers, your biggest concern should be to have a good quality, great design faucet that will serve you for long.

Single Handle versus Double Handled Faucets

Contrary to popular belief, single lever faucets are neither inferior in quality nor efficient. In fact, these faucets have the advantage of saving space and offering more ease of ease; both of which features might be indispensible in your commercial kitchen. On the other hand, if you or your chefs cook with a lot of precise water temperatures, you might consider buying a two lever faucet.


5 Best Dishes on our Thai Menu

Thailand is home to some of the best tasting food types in the world. Their recipes are sold all over the world, and their spicy delicacies will always leave you wishing you could get some more. So, what are these dishes? Where can you get them? Read this short article to view five of our restaurant’s best Thai dishes, including those infused with the ever great tasting Lemon grass Marietta.

Spicy Shrimp Soup

spicy shrimp soup

The locals call this dish “Tom Yum Goong.” This dish is one of the most coveted Thai classics, with its rich aroma that reminds you of the amazing fragrances that are part of Thailand. Its recipe includes the popular lemon grass fragrant, fish sauce shapes, chili, galangal, succulent fresh prawns and mushrooms. When well prepared by a professional, the succulent taste of the prawns and refreshing lemongrass taste will make you wish you could get to Thailand the same day. It is a versatile and internationally appreciated dish that always suit any occasion.

Thai Style Fried Noodles

Thai Style Fried Noodles

If you love noodles, how about we introduce you to a different tasting meal of steamy fish sauce and chili inspired noodles? Dabbed as the “Pad Thai” dish, this can be taken as a tantalizer or a full meal when you feel a bit full. It is simple to prepare, but I bet no one can do it better than our highly experienced chefs. The dish’s main ingredients include a fistful of wide or thin noodles, an onion, crunchy bean sprouts, an egg and other optional ingredients. At our Thai menu, a truly interactive eating experience with the Thai style fried noodles can never be complete without some chili and fish top saucing.  On the other hand, you can still do Thai style fried noodles with red pork soup. It’s actually a dish on its own in the streets of Bangkok, but it is pretty much prepared the same way as the fish sauce inspired noodles.

Red Curry

Red Curry

Also known as “GaendDaeng” in Thailand, this dish of tender meat and coconut milk is really fragrant and good tasting. You probably have already eaten red curry sometimes in your life, but if you’ve never tried GaendDaeng, then it’s time you came to our restaurant. The preparations and ingredients for the dish area bit different from the western world red curry foods, but you could never understand it better than trying it personally. Some people also take Thai red curry along a full meal Thai fried rice dish.  And if you’ve never tried Thai fried rice, actually you are missing a lot on good tasting foods. It is a popular lunch dish among Thai tourists, and you could try it in our restaurant along the red curry and still feel like you are deep in a Bangkok restaurant.

Fried Basil and Pork

Fried Basil and Pork

If you love Asian food and especially their ever yummy rice meals, you should try this meal. You can have it at lunch or dinner, or prepare it for your guests at any other time and still feel the delicacy in it. It is a very popular dish, both in Thailand and in the western world, but it only tastes good if cooked by a well experienced chef. It is generally a mix holy basil leaves, chili, pork, soy sauce, rice and often topped with an egg or green beans. The fatty tasting pork when well-prepared along the rice and green beans really make a fulfilling dish you and your date can savor. But if you don’t love a lot of spice, make sure you mention it when while ordering the meal, because well, the dish can be quite spicy.

Spicy Beef Salad

Spicy Beef Salad

Besides the beautiful people and striking fragrances of Bangkok, spicy beef dishes are another symbol of pride in the Asian country. Everywhere you walk throughout Bangkok; it is either a lemongrass Marietta restaurant or a spicy beef or rice restaurant.  People who love beef will always enjoy this yummy meal commonly known as “Yam Nua” by the locals. It is a really spicy meal, with a mix of all the popular Asian spices you probably love; like lime, spearmint, coriander, onions, dried chili and other mouthwatering Thai salads. And like with any other Thai meal, there is always an alternate recipe for the same dish. If you hate beef, how about your try spicy chicken salad with some cashew nut toppings. All other ingredients remain constant, except that sometimes we add sweetening honey to make the chicken to taste even more tantalizing.


Like many people who have tried Thai food will tell you, there is always a meal you could love in Bangkok. If the spicy beef salad doesn’t work for you, you can always ask for lemon grass inspired meals. If that fails, you could still try their amazing fried noodles or rice.