Keeping Our Restaurant Spot Clean With a Pressure Washer

Every restaurant owner thinks they have the cleanest restaurant in town, until the day they visit their rival’s restaurant and feel like they just stepped into a five star high end hotel. That is to say therefore that there is always something you can do stay on top of the cleanliness in your restaurant, especially if you own a great pressure washer. And if your restaurant is a bit big in size, you might want to train your employees to keep everything in the restaurant spot clean, or you could wake up one day and see your restaurant’s dirty pictures all over the Internet.

Pressure Washing the Exteriors and Kitchens

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Customers are always attracted by a clean restaurant, and as such both the interiors and exteriors have to be kept spotless. There are plenty of areas to be cleaned in a restaurant’s exteriors; from the parking lot to windows, doors to signboards. In fact, be very thorough with cleaning the restaurant’s signage. It is a much ignored area, even though you can easily clean it with the help of a telescoping wand. On the other hand, work on your restaurant’s kitchens and filters, as well as on kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, vacuum sealers or other. Plenty of areas in your kitchen probably get into contact with grease, especially the stoves and faucets, which could be a recipe for fire outbreaks if not handled accordingly. Note also to check your ducts and hoods, and pressure wash them to the metal. Not only do they make your kitchen more habitable place, they also ensure your worker’s safety is guaranteed.

The Floors

Most restaurants are good at keeping their floors clean. Unfortunately most of them use mops and steam cleaners, both of which are not very efficient at cleaning tough stains. Due to this, pressure washing is the most recommended method of cleaning if you wish for a spot clean appearance. Pressure washing is especially an effective cleaning tool since it can be controlled easier. It is strong enough to handle almost any type of grime or food stains on your kitchen’s floors. On the other hand, the dumpsters are another area of concern you should always take care of. Dumpsters get dirty almost every other time, and this could make the area around them smelly, and potentially bring diseases to your staff or to your colleagues. Dirty and smelly areas in your restaurant on the other hand often welcome rats and stray scavengers near your restaurant; all of which things puts off customers. But with a good pressure washer, you could ensure all the floors and dumpsters are kept spotless. If you’re not sure what would be the best pressure washer for your place, check out the Top Pressure Washer site for reviews.

Cleaning the Outdoor Seating Areas

If your restaurant has an outside seating area, never ignore it. Some customers really love dining or eating in an outside seating area, and you never want any customer complain about the seating area’s cleanliness situation. Would you? However, be keen to pre-soak areas with a lot of grease in them before pressure washing.

While maintaining a spot clean restaurant is an important achievement you must uphold at all times, it is not always possible to be there and see that every part of your kitchen is kept clean. Due to this, hiring a professional cleaning company that sues pressure washer cleaning is increasingly becoming a popular idea by restaurant owners. Read below to see what benefits come with hiring a professional restaurant cleaning company, and then make a decision if they are a better decision than pressure washing the restaurant on your own.

  • Professionals Have Higher Pressure Washers

Pressure washers aren’t really similar. Professionals will always afford the best of these devices; which means that even their ability to efficiently clean the cobwebs out are better. Clear grime and grease on the other hand will be more efficient. Combine the high quality equipment with their experience and you will realize that a DIY pressure washing job is no match for a professionally done job.

  • They Have Access To Commercial Grade Cleaning Agents

As a restaurant owner, there are a lot of things about restaurant cleaning that you probably don’t know. For instance, there are chemical cleaning agents that sanitize and clean faster that are only available to the professional cleaning companies. On the other hand, professionals have better tactics of cleaning out certain stubborn areas with technologies such as a heating element. Again, only the professionals know how to use these cleaning agents and high grade pressure washers well.

  • They Dispose Of Grease

When you hire a professional cleaning company to handle your restaurant, not only do they get the job done right, but they also do other services such as grease disposal. And as you probably know, emptying grease or disposing it can be a daunting task if you are new at it.

All in all, keeping your restaurant clean should always be a big priority to any restaurant owner irrespective of whether you can afford the services of independent cleaners or not.


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