We Make the Best Coffee Using the Highest Quality Coffee Machine

It sounds ridiculous when someone says they make perfect coffee. After all, isn’t all coffee just the same? Well, after reading this article to the end, you will learn that there is more than one way to prepare your coffee; and based on the machine you use, you could perhaps learn to perfect the art of making great quality taste. But before then, let’s give you a guide to buying the best coffee maker as well as guide you on how we prepare the best high quality coffee.

Before you can get to a level where everyone wants to taste your cup of coffee, you will need lots of patience. You will have a sense of attention to detail, and better yet, you will have to be an expert at picking just about the best coffee machine depending on what coffee variant you wishes to make at the moment. All in all, here are the fact you should know about coffee makers, what they are best at and how we make our great tasting coffee.

Espresso Machines

commercial coffee machine for a bar

You can identify a great cup of espresso by its crema, which is neither too thick nor too thin. If you buy a great machine, your crema should appear smooth, reddish brown in color and a top that looks somewhat oily. The best machines for espresso fall under three categories: beans-to-cup, manual and capsule coffee machines. Continue reading as we guide you on what has been our most successful and preferred type of machine.

Capsule Machines

Like the name suggests, a capsule coffee machine uses pre-packed coffee capsules to brew a perfect cup of espresso. Capsule machines rarely mess around, and based on our experience with them; they are perhaps the best for families. They are also neat and require little maintenance in their often long lasting service life. Among the many types of capsule coffee makers in the market today, we would recommend the Nespresso models. Nespresso have the widest range of espresso machines, they are made with high quality materials, great designs and generally are very simple to use. On the downside however, buying capsule is expensive on the long run. In addition, the quality of the coffee you get isn’t always guaranteed. For instance, should your favorite capsule making company lower the quality of their beans, your coffee’s quality will also decrease in value.

Manual Espresso Machines

You probably already have a manual coffee maker in your home. They are great and simple to use as you probably know, but then they ask for too much attention at times. For instance, you have to hand pick the type of coffee you want; you will need a coffee grinder or a blade grinder. All the same, we have made a lot of great quality coffee with these machines, because after all it is the techniques and quality of the coffee that matters most

Bean to Cup to Machines

With the beans-to-cup coffee makers, there is no doubt you can make the perfect cup of coffee for your guests. They also don’t cause any mess in the kitchen like manual machines do, plus they are also very easy to control. They often come with a hopper to hold your beans intact, and make coffee on demand. But as always, remember that your techniques are the biggest determiners of how good your coffee will be. Always make good use of the intensity control function, the grind control feature and the bar pressure if you wish to make the best coffee.

Our Coffee Machine Pick

Bonavita BV 1800 8-Cup Coffee Machine

No matter how much you hate coffee, you will always savor the sublime taste of any espresso or coffee made by this machine. It is a drip machine, but perhaps the best drip machine in the market so far. Its coffee is often so delicious, so hot and so strong that any guests who visit us have always asked for the secret to make good coffee. It is a well certified machine by the SCAA, and has very fast heating rate. In just about six minutes, we noted that you could make about six cups of coffee; all in great tastes. It’s also easy to clean. Some of the parts can also easily be washed just under a faucet.

So, how do we do it? How do we make coffee so good that our guests always want to come back?

  • We use fresh coffee beans-We’ve always noted that coffee with roast dates instead of “best by” labels stay fresher longer. However, we still order fresh coffee beans when we want to make the best coffee.
  • We measure our coffee beans-Per every single mug, we use exactly 25 grams of high quality fresh coffee beans, which are well ground.
  • We make the coffee at about 2000F,
  • Always re-saturate and fine tune the grounds until your find the most sublime taste of coffee.


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